c2.1.20 – Innovazioni tecnologiche e nuove applicazioni negli inventari forestali ’multiresources’

Corona P* (1), Marchetti M (2)

(1) Istituto di Assestamento e Tecnologia Forestale, Università di Firenze; (2) Corso di Laurea in Scienze Forestali e Ambientali, Università di Palermo, Palermo (PA)
Collocazione: c2.1.20 – Tipo Comunicazione: Presentazione orale
2° Congresso SISEF *
Sessione 1: “Selvicoltura sostenibile e metodi innovativi di pianificazione” *

Abstract: Forest surveying in Italy is characterised by a relatively limited operational use of available information technology. The mandatory FRA2000 new standards and definitions represent an important challenge to bridge such a gap. One of the most fundamental considerations for the development of multiresource inventory applications is the need to consider forest ecosystem as a whole. Such approach implies wise use of remote sensing and geographic information systems enabling a global view of the forest in the ecological landscape. Direct and derived forest and land use attributes could be assessed in the near future using high resolution imagery even at local scale. Landsat 7 ETM+ and Spot 4 HRV medium resolution data are already proving good performances for medium scale thematic applications. New investigation opportunities will rise for forest multiresource inventory when the new generation of high resolution satellite data (i.e., spatial resolution <2.5 m in PAN mode and <15 min multispectral mode) will be available. Other remote sensing technologies, like hyperspectral and laser scanning, could help for detecting attributes directly linked to ecological and ecophysiological param eters. Promising possibilities are also offered by a new generation of satellite based products, orthoimages and fusion images likely to be used to feed to specific application softwares (e.g., change detection fo r forest dynamics monitoring), enabling the user to take advantage of the information coming from different sources. It is necessary to define mapping inventory categories suitable to join cartographic and ground sampling efficiency with forest management planning requirements. A proper way out may be found by linking mapping inventory categories to forest typologies. The need of nomenclature systems and statistical approaches that allow effective integration of mapping and ground sampling surveys is remarked.

Citazione: Corona P , Marchetti M (1999). Innovazioni tecnologiche e nuove applicazioni negli inventari forestali ’multiresources’ . 2° Congresso Nazionale SISEF, Bologna, 20 – 22 Ott 1999, Contributo no. #c2.1.20