c7.1.1 – The quality of forest monitoring data in Europe – an overview

Ferretti M*

TerraData environmetrics, Via PA Mattioli, I-53100 Siena
Collocazione: c7.1.1 – Tipo Comunicazione: Presentazione orale
7° Congresso SISEF *
Sessione 1: “Inventariazione e monitoraggio ambientale” *

Contatto: Marco Ferretti (ferretti@terradata.it)

Abstract: Considerable resources were invested in monitoring the condition of forests across Europe. The concept behind is that sound management needs monitoring data to identify problems and track progresses to meet management objectives. While this concept can be shared, it is based on the assumption that monitoring data were “good enough” to permit defensible statements about the condition of forests and its changes through time. Unfortunately, this may be not the case. In this paper I will review some key problems identified in the international forest monitoring in Europe, from design to sampling and measurement errors, the activity carried out to solve these problems, and the progresses achieved up to date. I argue that forest inventorying and monitoring projects failing in providing adequate Quality Assurance Plans should not receive supports from funding Agencies.

Citazione: Ferretti M (2009). The quality of forest monitoring data in Europe – an overview . 7° Congresso Nazionale SISEF, Isernia – Pesche (IS), 29 Set – 03 Ott 2009, Contributo no. #c7.1.1