c2.4.3 – Effetti dell’erosione marina sulla produttività primaria di pinete costiere

Raddi S (1)*, Lauteri M (2), Pippi I (3)

(1) Ist. Selvicoltura, Univ. di Firenze, v. S. Bonaventura 13 – 50100 Firenze (FI); (2) IASTR, CNR, v. G. Marconi 2 – 05010 Porano (TE); (3) IROE, CNR, v. Panciatichi 64 – 50100 Firenze (FI)
Collocazione: c2.4.3 – Tipo Comunicazione: Presentazione orale
2° Congresso SISEF *
Sessione 4: “Foreste e cambiamenti climatici: ricerca e applicazioni dopo Kyoto” *

Abstract: Large areas of the Tuscany coast have experienced severe erosion over the last 25 years, resulting in the decline of coastal pine plantations. The present study assessed the potential of remote sensing techniques for the analysis of the effects of coastal erosion on forest function and growth. Growth was computed from xylem cores and site-specific yield tables. Stand leaf area index and light interception were determined by hemispheric photography. Stomatal limitations to photosynthesis were assessed by means of carbon isotope analysis. Forest structure was also related to reflectance spectra and vegetation indices derived from TM satellite pictures. The combination of structural and functional measurements with a simple process model of net primary production allowed to discern the effects on stand growth of reduced leaf area and light interception from stomatal limitations and a modified allocation pattern. For each level of coastal erosion, the analysis compared paired stands at different distance from the sea, so as to remove the confounding effects of local climatic, pedologic and management differences. The reduction in pine growth close to the sea and, in particular, in eroded stands was the result of lower light interception as well as lower light use efficiency. The latter was mainly related to a shift in allocation patterns, as no difference in D13C could be detected. Leaf area index and intercepted radiation and green-NDVI decreased with vicinity to the sea only at the site with coastal erosion. These first results set the ground for a proper analysis by remote sensing techniques of the impact of coastal erosion on forest growth at the regional scale.

Citazione: Raddi S , Lauteri M , Pippi I (1999). Effetti dell’erosione marina sulla produttività primaria di pinete costiere . 2° Congresso Nazionale SISEF, Bologna, 20 – 22 Ott 1999, Contributo no. #c2.4.3